Achievement Unlocked- Glow String! **Other updates - Steve Mould, Dude Perfect, and Vote for Colors!**

Zipsters... WAY TO GO! 

We are blown away by all of the support. Thanks so much!

We are super excited that we hit our goal of $85,000! You know what that means....Glow String here we come!! We will provide additional information to the FAQs here shortly.

Steve Mould

We are big fans of Steve Mould! We sent him a ZipString to use in his further study of the Mould Effect. Take a look!


Here is a link to his YouTube channel: 

For those that don't know what the Mould Effect is, here is a link to his first video on it. 

Dude Perfect

We also love our friends at Dude Perfect. If you did not know already, they're using ZipString on tour! Take a look at the video below:



Link to Dude Perfect's YouTube Channel: 

Colors - You get to Choose!

We have put together a form with several color options.  The top 4 colors will be the color choices for the first manufactured ZipStrings.  Please choose your favorite color and enter your Kickstarter name.  We will use your Kickstarter name to align your color choice with amount of ZipStrings in your reward.  So for example, if you backed the Zipster High-Five Package, we will count your color vote 5 times.  The survey will be open for approximately 24 hours.  We will update everyone with the final choices tomorrow.

This is just to vote for the color options we will go to manufacture with.  Later, you will get to choose which of the four final colors will go in your order.

Here is the link.  Happy voting! 

(The form is now closed!)

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