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ZipString's on SHARK TANK this Friday 12/9 @ 8pm

How does ZipString work?

The patent pending ZipString carefully balances several forces of gravity, lift, tension, and drag to fly the string in the air.  Any movement that a Zipster (a user of a ZipString) does, the string follows.   

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What's included?

- ZipString

- 3 String loops of different sizes and colors.

- USB charging cable

- Instruction guide

- QR code to trick library

- Wonderment

How does the patent pending ZipString work?

ZipString carefully balances four forces of gravity, drag, momentum, and lift to actually fly the string in the air.

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Knockoffs and Counterfeits and Scams, OH MY!

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then what is fraudulent impersonation? ;)

Innovation does not come cheap. It comes with a lot of hard work and time. We have gone through many iterations to get ZipString where it is today.  Because of this we are not afraid of competition, however we do feel bad that knockoffs and scammers are taking advantage and causing harm to individuals who are excited about ZipString.

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The 8/12/21 viral video that started the string shooter craze!

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