Big Zipper Display Case

Big Zipper Display Case

Big thanks to artist and Zipster Sam Sabin! The Big Zipper artwork is here!  And here is what it looks like in the display case.  Your ZipString will be stored representing its place in string history.  When your ZipString is on display, it looks as though it is driving the string through all the inventions.  Yes, all the inventions are connected with one continuous line or string.  When you are using your ZipString and it is out of the case, then it too is represented as part of the continuous string design.

Of course, each frame will be signed on the back and serialized to go with the ZipString in the case.

The case has two black metal pegs that protrude through the clear acrylic pane that sits in front of the artwork.  The pegs are discrete so that when the ZipString is removed, they blend in with the art.  The pegs are placed offset to each other, such that when the ZipString is in place, it's held at an angle.  This angle also torsions the ZipString so that it is held securely.  Who says, fashion and function can't coexist?

Ready to be hung with your other works of art.


As we announced earlier - the Big Zipper Reward will now also receive one of the first 100 keyrings that came off production. 

Thank you Big Zippers

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