Happy Kickstarter Anniversary!

Happy Kickstarter Anniversary!

 Just look at what you did! Now, go to your room…. And play with your ZipStrings!

We are coming up on our one year anniversary!  Without you ZipString would not have happened.  For the first time, we now have ZipStrings in stock!  

Here is the update:

Cool Tricks:

Please keep sending us cool pictures and videos of how you play with ZipString?  Did you know ZipString could fly a small paper airplane?  We didn’t until one of our Zipsters sent us the craziest video.  They call it the “Maverick”!  Brilliant!  Keep them coming, we will post them to the cool tricks page.  As a reminder, if it is a new trick, you get the honor to name it. You will be forever linked to the trick that thousands of new Zipsters will master.  

Zipster Tricks

Stronger Cases:

During the Kickstarter campaign, we designed Version 4 which gave us the opportunity to increase performance while at the same time shrinking the design.  We also invented several machines that didn’t exist in the industry.  We wanted to create a more robust case that could survive a 6ft drop test. So while keeping our dimensions the same, we developed a plastic injection molded case. Now not only does our case surpass the test, our colors are richer and deeper. More closely to the colors chosen by you guys!

10X Manufacturing:

In the last year, scaling up supply has been a primary goal.  We are pleased to be able to now scale to keep up with demand.  We will still likely have brief stock outs, but it won’t be like it was before where preorders outpaced manufacturing by many months.

Check out the team unloading our recent shipment here

New versions:

Lumos is coming and cool new string types are on their way.

Safety and Testing:

ZipString has gone through a whole slew of national and international tests for safety.  We are very pleased that because Safety was part of the engineering principles from the outset, not one of the many tests required us to make a change to the design.

New Packaging:

While we love our conservative black box packaging that we used in our Kickstarter, we designed a whole new packaging look, destined for retailers.  Bold and Crazy.  Also to support the international market, we now have multiple languages.  Oui oui mes amis :)

 Public Speaking:

We have enjoyed the privilege of participating in numerous speaking events and forums.  We love the science and the innovation process and will continue to support these venues.

Thanks again to each of you who played a role to make this happen.  We hope that you are thrilled with the results and can take pride of being part of the ZipString family and phenomenon. 

Also, if you are one of the few Kickstarter backers that have not received your ZipString(s), this is because the Survey was filled out late or has not been completed at all. Just send us an email to info@zipstring.com with your backer number, and we will help you out!

Best regards,

Team ZipString

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