Keychains and more

Keychains and more

As always, thank you all for your support.

Keychains - We are getting great feedback on the design of the keychains. Everyone loves the look as though the cable runs through the ZipString! Yes, they are cool.


Today we have a series of cascading announcements:

1) We are pleased to announce that we are ahead of the manufacturing schedule for the Keychains.  In fact, we will receive enough for the Kickstarter campaign by the of the week. That’s not, “Oh, we hope to have manufactures send them to us by the end of the week.” That’s, "We will have them in our US inventory by the end of the week!"  Yahoo, we can check that one off the list.



2) Since the Keychains will be complete even before we finish the Kickstarter, we are happy to announce that the Zipline Package will now ship in October instead of November!


And So....

3) Since these Keychains are just so cool that everyone will want one, we are going to facilitate a second order so that each reward level will now get one.


And So….For you Big Zippers out there.

4) When we anticipated that we would be ahead in our schedule for the keychains, we pulled the first 100 off the line and kept them for you. So, not only will you have the first 100 manufactured ZipStrings, but you will also have the first 100 manufactured keychains. We thought it would be a cool touch to go in with the set.


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