March On!

March On!

Hello to all Zipsters near and far!

Team ZipString here! AKA Stephen, Austin, Mark and our amazing family and friends who stay up late with us.

Whether you have been with us since Stephen’s first prototype over a year ago, our viral prototype on August 12th 2021, Kickstarter, Steve Mould, Dude Perfect’s 2021 Live show, Dr. Nozman or whatever, we are grateful for your support in joining us to bring smiles of wonderment throughout the world.

Making ZipString for the masses has not been an easy road to follow. We have learned all about manufacturing both domestic and overseas, writing patents, marketing, packaging, shipping and more.

Let’s keep y'all in the loop and get some questions answered!


From social media comments, to hundreds of direct messages and emails it sounds like you are all just as excited as we are to get a ZipString in your hands. 

Currently we are fulfilling our backers on Kickstarter. Please click on the link here to learn more. These were our early supporters that helped bring ZipString to life. Thank you for all the kind notes and excited comments we have been receiving from our latest ZipString users.  We love hearing about how you use them and the fun you are having.  We read your comments aloud among the team and we are fueled by them.  


We are fulfilling the preorders in the Order in which we received them. So if you are a Kickstarter backer, you should receive your ZipString(s) here soon!   We understand that our original goal to have all ZipString’s shipped for Kickstarter was in February and for all those who pre-ordered via after in March. Although we started shipping in February, most of the Kickstarter backers will receive them in March and pre-orders from will likely now be in April.


Quality Control -  

What is this picture of? - A colorful Jenga Tower perhaps?

Nope - They are the stack of over 80 ZipStrings that we didn’t choose to ship this week.  Why in the world would we do such a thing?!  Particularly when we have excited backers waiting for their ZipString?  Why, because they were not perfect.  

You see, the ZipString effect is something that is special.  There is a sweet spot in the balance of four forces that causes the string to float in the air.  It is that sweet spot that ALL of the knock offs can’t produce and something that if we can’t get just right, we won’t send them.   

Something worse than not shipping out enough ZipStrings this week would be sending out ZipStrings that don’t perform perfectly.  We are very familiar with this type of let down since we receive or purchase every single knock off.  And to date, every single knock off falls very short of delivering that ZipString experience. 

As a team, this tower is very painful because we know it represents someone that didn’t get their ZipString yet this week, and that hurts.  The tower also represents opportunities for us to further refine our manufacturing process which we are doing.  Of course every backer will get their ZipString(s).  They are coming.  But they will come right, and not be a compromise. 

(BTW - because ZipStrings are so tiny and dense that tower weighed almost 30 pounds)

We are thankful for your patience as we continue to accelerate our manufacturing.  


Team ZipString


Thanks for memes fam!

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