Scams, Surveys, Stickers, and More!

Scams, Surveys, Stickers, and More!

Hey Zipsters!!!! 

YA'LL ARE AMAZING. Thanks so much for your support on this journey.

Counterfeits and Scams and Deceptions, Oh my!

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then what is fraudulent impersonation? ;)

WOW, we marvel at our daily whac-a-mole routine addressing all of the counterfeits and scams. Many scammers have copied our images and videos, edited out our logos and watermarks, and are trying to make some cash facilitating a scam or a non-functioning counterfeit. Although this is not uncommon for great products it is very discouraging to us that Zipster fans could be injured here. We really appreciate those who have taken the time to notify the channels/marketplaces of such scams and that they need to be taken down. So to be clear:

As of right now,  If anyone is selling a ZipString on any marketplace (Amazon/eBay/AlliExpress etc.) which is not at or from Kickstarter, it is a scam. They are either selling a non-functioning counterfeit or a complete scam not intending to ship anything.

Innovation does not come cheap. It comes with a lot of hard work and time. We have gone through many iterations to get ZipString where it is today.  Because of this we are not afraid of competition, however we do feel bad that scammers are taking advantage and causing harm to individuals who are excited about ZipString.

How can I help?

To those who have helped out already, thank you. To those of you willing to help, when you come across a ZipString scam or counterfeit let us know via email We will get out our whac-a-mole mallet and do our best to get it corrected. If you come across videos and/or social media that is also fraudulent or deceiving, do not hesitate to comment or tag our official accounts. 

Here are the ZipString Official accounts below:





Yesterday we sent out the backer reward surveys. In each of these surveys you will be able to submit your address as well as choose your ZipString(s) color. If you haven't filled it out already, please do! Until we are ready to ship you have the ability to change your address in case you move. We also want to remind everyone that each backer that receives a ZipString will receive one phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) string! We are on track with our timeline in Kickstarter!

ZipString Sticker

Like a bathing suit to a swimmer, your water bottle needs one of these stickers. ;) We hope you will like them when they come with your package.


The energy that comes from our fans continues to make us smile and fuels our late nights. We have really enjoyed the memes that have been sent to us and we thought we had to share some here. If you see any others, don't hesitate to send them!

We have a bunch of awesome videos and pictures on our Instagram! Don't miss out

Thanks again for your support!!


Team ZipString

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