So why the $75K goal?

There was a lot of thought that went into this target for us.

We believe that in order to bring ZipString to everyone, there are some manufacturing cost thresholds that if we can cross, will allow us to produce ZipStrings at volumes to meet much larger demands. We are a very hands-on team and reaching this goal will give us the ability to invest in equipment to produce ZipStrings locally. Other campaigns seem to start with smaller goals to lure in lots of initial backers. Only to let down their supporters because the team couldn’t see past the higher production volumes that overwhelmed them.

So why $75K? Well, if we had set the target at say $30K that wouldn’t push us to a point where we are forced to cross the threshold of large-scale manufacturing. In reality, we already have the capacity to meet the demand for the 1200 units by February to support a $30K goal. However, a $30K goal would cause us to compromise and not stretch us to invest in the equipment that will allow us real scale advantages long term.

Does that mean we would never use lower-cost manufacturing overseas? No, there is a time and a place for offshore high-volume/low-cost production. At the moment, we want to hone the production process till it is tuned for low-risk transference. Additionally, instability of the of international production and shipping markets isn’t favorable. But we weren’t really wanting to go that route out of the gates anyhow.

Bringing a product to market requires innovation and problem solving through every step inclusive of the manufacturing process. Having 7000 miles between us and the manufacturing steps would drive us nuts and slow us down considerably. Long term, we will produce ZipString internationally, but now is not that time.

So back to the original question, why $75K? This number forces us to stretch and gives us the ability to acquire equipment so that we can be more hands-on the way we like to be. Our ability to be involved all the way through manufacturing gives us the capability to best manage our timeline.

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