What's Up Zipsters! Steve Mould, Dr. Nozman and more!

What's Up Zipsters! Steve Mould, Dr. Nozman and more!

Howdy Zipsters! Welcome to update number 12!

We understand that it can be hard waiting for your ZipString, so we want to open our doors to you. We invite everyone near or far, who are able to find their way to Atlanta, GA to come play with our prototypes. We will have a blast! We are serious! Direct message us.

What have you been up to the last while?

Making some final tweaks before production, we have engineered a handful of changes to make ZipString even better.  They are super cool.  We would love to show them all to you via our normal fun videos however, we are flabbergasted with all the scammers and fraudsters who did nothing more than photoshopped off our logos and then hoped to make a few bucks by scamming innocent buyers.  For shame!

We really don’t mind competition, but it is disheartening to see people lose both money and hope.  So, each day we take time to remove scams and counterfeits from online markets. To the many of you who have been extra vigilant to bring the scammers to our attention, we thank you.  Believe it or not, the numbers of squashed fraudsters now number over three thousand!  Can someone get us a can of Raid?

Read more about Scams and counterfeits here!


Fun Fact:

Because of ZipString's unique build and design it is patent pending!

ZipString in the hands of creators...

We have really enjoyed the discussions, collaborations, and discoveries on the physics ZipString. Check out these two awesome videos and learn more about the ZipString phenomenon.

Steve Mould

Remember in update #7 when we mentioned Steve Mould? Last week we were on a conference call with him and Dr. Noel Perkins in the pursuit to better describe ZipString physics.  During the call, Steve pulled out his drill-attached ZipString and we all burst out with laughter.  What a great idea!  We love his work and have been huge fans of his for years.

Dr. Nozman!

You know what?  The pronunciation of ZipString in French, just sounds so cool!  Whether you speak French or not, Dr. Nozman's YouTube video on ZipString is super exciting. We sent him an early prototype sometime ago! You could say his video is incroyable!



Brigham Young University

Austin, ZipString co-founder, studies engineering at Brigham Young University. BYU engineering created a sweet 18s video featuring ZipString. Take a look!  Kudos to their filming and editing department who pulled together this compilation.


Keep them coming!

Take care Zipsters! Until next time!

Team ZipString!

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