This is ZipString


 How to use ZipString!


Inserting and removing a string

The ONLY way ZipString can tangle

When the top half of the loop touches the bottom half of the loop the string can tangle. Side to side is easy. Up and down is tricky...

Got Tangle?

No worries. Simply pull the string out from the top of the device and reinsert.

Starting your ZipString

If you want to start the string smoothly, even when it's twisted in the loop, just use your left hand to guide the string as you turn it on.

Charging Your ZipString

Charging your ZipString is a breeze! Just connect it to any USB port using the provided USB-C cable. The red LED indicates the charging process and switches to blue once fully charged. A single charge can last for hours, and the charging time typically takes up to two hours.

  • Red Light When Charging

  • Blue Light When 100%

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Check it out!