Willy Wonka, Slugworths, Version 4 and More!

Willy Wonka, Slugworths, Version 4 and More!

These updates are getting more and more exciting.

So the Kickstarter Big Zipper Packages are shipped.  A big thank you to all our Big Zippers for being part of the journey.  Many of you have been actively cheering us along from the beginning.

So, we got carried away with personalizing the ZipStrings for the Big Zippers.  Each ZipString was serialized and your name was engraved along with our signatures.  The display case has 3 methods of display.

  1. String inventions across time art with ZipString holder.  Allows you to display the ZipString but makes it easy to use
  2. In the foam insert which also stores the strings
  3. Behind glass, displaying the ZipString and the String inventions across time.  For those serious device/toy collectors who prefer to keep everything in their original plastic.

We will be sending each of you a link with video instructions for how to unpack and set up the different displays.

Willy Wonka

So we have been a little like Willy Wonka, being timid to showcase the latest version of ZipString because of the Slugworths who were stealing our ideas and trying to claim them as their own.  Well, when we realized that they were cleverly hidden as some of our backers in this very forum, then it became challenging to send out updates to you all with lots of detail.

Over the past week, fans have sent us a few of the copycat versions.  It has become clear that the Slugworths struggle to understand the physics of what makes ZipString so Amazing. Additionally, they lack the engineering skills to fabricate a product that will be long lasting.  But then again, their intention wasn’t to deliver a magical experience, more just to make a quick buck.  What should have been a dazzling experience ends up being nothing more than merely a LOOP around your neck and a puff of smoke.  Well, enough about the bad eggs.

So let's take a tour into the chocolate factory.

You are all familiar with the ZipString version we showcased in our videos and that have been on tour with Dude Perfect and used by famous youtubers.  We call that V3.  What is coming out to you all is V4.

V4 is a descendant of well over 50 prototypes carefully honed with a few guiding principles.

  1. Increase performance
  2. Make it easier to use
  3. Make it sleek - The most simple design
  4. Make it smaller -
  5. Make it safer -
  6. Make it quieter

Our aim is for the experience.  Our aim is for the wonderment that during your first use, and all thereafter, you look at the device in your hand and ask, “How does this little thing do all that?”

Now onto the Inventing Room:

Power - V4 is now half the volume of V3 yet has more power.  “With great power comes great responsibility” (an easter egg foreshadow for those of you that are raving fans).  With more powerful motors, we were worried about safety.  So we redesigned our circuit board with logic that constantly evaluates the wheel torque.  If the torque goes out of spec for any reason, the board cuts the power to the motors as well as to the switch.  The ZipString will wait for the user to release the button before it engages again.  We designed this feature for all the little children that will inevitably use the ZipString.  Sometimes in their excitement, it is not obvious that they should release the button.  If there is ever a problem, ZipString will automatically do it for them.

The V4 motors are even more efficient, therefore the ZipString can run for over an hour continuously.  Which represents more like two hours of actual use.

Make it easier to use - We further enhanced our floss mechanism.  Still the same quick change of strings we patented, but when in use the ZipString is even more responsive to the users hand motions.

In our custom circuit board, we built in a smooth start feature that ramps the motor speed automatically to the balance speed.  The speed where the magic happens.

Size - We are passionate engineers and designers, influenced by beautiful Danish designs of essential simplicity as well as sleek Italian curves.  You can see that the case is even more simplified.  We routinely say - if ZipString can fit in their pockets, they will take them everywhere.  You can see just how small we were able to make it.  When you hold it in your hand you will feel its density.  Because it is efficiently packed tight.

Make it quieter - Noise can ruin the moment.  We went on a very long journey testing many different motor combinations to find just the right ones.  Powerful, yet small.  Cool running, yet quiet.

Strings - the science, ahh the science.  As a device, ZipString maintains a balance of four different forces.  There is a sweet spot.  This is where our bad egg copycats show that they don’t know the science behind making the sweet spot work.  Our patents on the device as well as the patents on the strings work in concert to make the magic happen.  Hint to the bad egg, Slugworths: Not just any piece of cheap string will work.

The Lifetime Supply of Chocolate for Zipsters:

We are so grateful for everyone that stood by us and cheered us on throughout the process.  We are currently manufacturing here in the US and within the month of March our offshore factories will also come online.  There is a lot in the works and we will have a few exciting announcements over the next few months.  Meanwhile, there is a lot of work, as we are not only the Willy Wonkas but we are also the Oompa Loompas.

Ok - now that we are done with our tour, let's talk about the delivery of a lifetime supply of chocolate for all the Charlie Zipsters out there.

  • Big Zippers orders are already on the trucks for all those who filled out the survey.
  • We have custom packaging arriving on the 15th of Feb from which we will be shipping out the packages in the order from which each of you backed the project. In the survey you will fill out your address and choose your ZipString color, be sure to complete your survey before the 15th in order to receive your ZipString on time.

Thank You Zipsters! We got this!!


Team ZipString

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