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The Original Handheld String Shooter

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Jaw Dropping Enjoyment!

ZipString is mesmerizing right out of the box. With the additional string sizes, your trick mastery will grow.

Ignites Imagination

ZipString is an extension of you. Since the string follows all your movement there are hundreds of unique tricks to master!

Non-Stop Fun!

The patent pending ZipString carefully balances several forces of gravity, lift, tension, and drag to fly the string in the air. Any movement that a Zipster (a user of a ZipString) does, the string follows.



Bodacious Blue

Rock'it Red

Vivacious Violet

Luscious Lime

Aesthetic Aqua


4.8 Stars from over 40,000 Customers

  • "I watched sharks tank when this was introduced and had to order two for my two youngest grandsons. They love it and just received it so I know they will learn a lot of tricks with it! They were so excited. I will order more! Love it! Thanks for the invention!"

    Barry K. - Verified Buyer

  • "I purchased this for my grandson who absolutely loves it. The only problem is when it’s my turn I DON’T WANT TO GIVE IT BACK! SO…… I ORDERED MY OWN😊"

    Lisa T. - Verified Buyer

  • "Gave to 4 of my grandchildren (ages 12-16) for Christmas. They could not stop using it!!! Love it! Immediately began doing all kinds of different movements. Even stopped opening their other presents!!! Huge, huge hit! Don’t by any other brand like this as they have all kinds of problems. Not the ORIGINAL Zipstring!"

    Deborah A. - Verified Buyer

  • "I bought 6 for all my great grandkids they love it. Their mother Sammi jumped through the pink ones of her twin boys Jaxson and Jayson! So much fun!!"

    Patricia H. - Verified Buyer

  • Unlimited Tricks

  • 5 Unique Colors

  • Wonderment

  • USB-C Rechargable

Your Kids Will Never Be Bored Again

Since ZipString emulates your movements, your imagination is the only limit


Not a knockoff

Smallest in class

Smooth operation

Longest String



The Original Handheld String Shooter

2X Smaller than knockoffs

Perfectly Smooth String Loop Joints

Longer strings than knockoffs

Comes in 5 unique colors



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